Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note
Reverend, Dr. Michael Coppock, Senior Pastor

2022 Disaffiliation Funding

Based on our recent vote of 96.1% to begin the Disaffiliation process from the United Methodist Church, we have begun the next steps in the process as required by the Conference.
One of those steps is gathering the funds for the payment due to the Conference later this year, which is really the amount we are paying to own all of our property and facilities. Here is a
brief overview of the Finance Committee's plan to accomplish this.

Amount required by the Conference for our church to exit $79,911.00
Less Mission Expenses already paid to Conference in 2022 $12,433.75
Subtotal: $67,477.25
Less remaining Mission Expenses due in 2022 which are paid
monthly out of our general budget fund $ 8,881.25
Subtotal: (amount to be raised/funded) $58,596.00

The campaign to raise this money will begin on Sept. 4 and end on Oct. 30, 2022, with weekly progress updates given. Checks should be made payable to Bailey Methodist Church, with "Disaffiliation Fund Raiser" in the note section for tracking purposes.  (This giving is above your normal tithe to the budget.)

Any remaining amount needed to reach the fund raising goal of $58,596 will be temporarily taken from the Money Market and Capital Projects saving accounts.

(Note: Over the next few years, we will replace any funds used from these saving accounts with the money received as tithes in our normal support of the general operating budget.)

This is a time of change and some uncertainty for all of us, but with prayer and continued focus on God's Word, He will guide us and be with us each step of the way. Thank you for
your prayerful consideration in support of this process.

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Lyles, Finance Chairperson at 252-885-6778, or Pastor Michael at 252-235-4576 or 919-770-7095.