Mission News

Mission News

Ever wonder what your offering is used for when it is earmarked "missions" on your offering envelope?  To answer that question: Unless designated for a specific mission project, all money given is equally divided among the seven missions and/or missionaries listed below:     

Gospel For Asia: Ministering to the lost and needy people in Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Laos and Thailand. Website: www.gfa.org     

Zoe Ministries: Reaching lost children in Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Liberia, Guatemala and India and teaching them how to make money to take care of themselves.  Website: www.zoehelps.org     

Go Ten: Name and location withheld for the safety and protection of the missionaries serving there.  This mission is in a Muslim country where it is a crime to preach God's word.       

Wycliffe Bible Translators with Paul and Laurel Morgan: Serving in Isiro, Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa.  Actively working to translate the Bible into the native languages of the people. Website: www.wycliffe.org; Blog: www.paulandlaurel.wordpress.com     

The Mission Society & World Gospel Missions with Len & Betsy Phillips: Spreading the gospel through the educational institutions in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Websites: www.themissionsociety.org and www.wgm.org     

The Navigators with Rich & Alice "Alie" Benson: Serving in the Navigators missions headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO, offering encouragement and support to missionaries serving all over the world.     

Campus Crusade for Christ with Larry and Janie Nieboer: Serving in the Campus Crusade headquarters in Orlando, FL. Website: www.cru.org     

Thank you for your generous giving and most importantly for your offerings of prayer for these great ministries.    

Michael and Krysti Coppock