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Regular Meetings:
Youth Group: 4:00-6:00 pm Each Sunday at Bailey UMC  

Sunday Nights with Jesus: 6:00 pm Each Sunday at Pleasant Grove

My Fellow Church Members,

It's your Youth President, once again, to let you know about events that are coming up in Youth. I will be leaving soon to attend Duke Youth Academy. This will be from Sunday, the 24th, to Saturday, the 30th, on Duke University campus. I will be staying on campus, participating in many spiritual formation events, allowing God to lead me throughout the week in how he sees fit. I will learn more about him, how He works, and how the church works. I will have the amazing opportunity to meet others while also learning about the theological aspect of God and Church. I will get to hear people's testimonies and learn about how they got to where they are now. It will give me insight on how, although we are all very different, we can be unified in Christ. Although everyone has many different life experiences, we, as people of God, have to be able to willingly love them and work with them through those differences no matter what.

I will be planning a church worship service, which will be the model for our Youth Sunday service on August 12th. I think Youth Sunday will be great to start back having within our church. We can connect with members of the church and get to know them through this event, and we encourage you to join us, even though this is a combined service. We want you to be a part of our journey!

We have fun every Sunday with many of us looking forward to learning and playing and just being a family. We hear prayer requests every Sunday when we do our prayer time, ones spoken and unspoken. We become serious when we need to be and support each other through our tough times. As a family, we come together to support everyone.

As I end, I ask you for prayers of safety and support throughout my time away. I have faith that everything will be alright and I'll have fun while I'm away learning. Hope to see you soon!
Alexis Fogg
2018 Youth President
BUMC Youth
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